Welcome Week is a great opportunity to learn all about the Royal Medical Society, what we offer, and what you can gain from being a member during your time at medical school.

We host a number of events during the week, including the Freshers’ Address and social, the infamous White Coat Pub Crawl and the medical sports and societies fair. We hope these will give you a taster of what we have planned throughout the year.

Many of our events are situated in our own private rooms above the student union in Potterrow, giving our members a prime location and convenient 24hr access during the week. We aim to give you the best experience to make your first week at university unforgettable, so be sure to attend as many of our events as you can!

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Joining the RMS

All medical students can join the RMS which entitles you to full access and use of the RMS rooms and facilities, entry to our exam tutorials, funding for travel and study, discounts on events and more. You can apply for membership in the office with one of our secretaries or using our online application form.

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White Coats

The RMS sells white coats during welcome week at a reduced rate. All students need white coats for anatomy practicals. You will also need one for the white coat pub crawl event during welcome week. The coat is likely to get destroyed during the pub crawl, so it is highly recommended that students buy two, as you will not be allowed in the anatomy lab with a damaged or dirty white coat!

You can order your white coat in the office or using our online white coat form. White coats cost £13 each and are available in sizes small, medium and large. You will be able to try it on when you are collecting it during welcome week.


White Coat Pub Crawl

Your first social as a class of medical students will take place on Tuesday 13th of September. With you wearing your white coats and the council in surgical scrubs, we will take you on tour of some of the city’s finest student establishments. 200 medics clubbing to the wee hours, all dressed in white coats is a sight to behold. Don’t miss this brilliant opportunity to meet your class and start your time in Edinburgh in style!

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Sports and Societies Fair

As well as the countless uni sports clubs and societies, medical students in Edinburgh have set up their own medics societies. The long, sometimes antisocial hours of our course can sometimes make taking part in uni level sports difficult. The medics sports clubs are a relaxed, fun way to enjoy a sport that you like without needing to worry about how good you are. You can attend training and matches if and when you are free and it is a great way to get to know students from the other years. The societies tend to be related to medical specialities including surgery, orthopaedics, oncology, paediatrics etc. If there is a particular area of medicine that you are interested in or want to find out more about, you can join the society and head along to their events.

All of the medics sports clubs and societies will be at our sports and societies fair, run in conjunction with the MSC, in the RMS rooms on Monday 12th September. Come along to meet the students involved in those clubs and societies, find out more about them and join the ones that interest you.

Freshers’ Address

Dr. Paul Mills, a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist and treasurer of the RMS Trust will deliver the RMS Freshers’ Address on Tuesday the 20nd of September. This hilarious talk will take you through some of the things you can expect from your time in Edinburgh. Dr. Mills is an alumnus of Edinburgh University and has many memories and tips to share.


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