RMS PeerWise Access

The RMS has created some sample questions on PeerWise to help with revision of Year 1 and 2 modules. The Course ID codes are:

Year 1

Fundamentals of Medicine: 12173 (the course is named Weeks 1-6, but it has questions for all 11 weeks of first semester)

Cardio: 16450

Resp: 16822

Loco: 16468

Year 2

Neuro: 9693

GI & Liver: 10310

Genetics: 16503

Renal: 16504

Endo: 16505

To access the courses (through your usual PeerWise account is easiest), you will be asked for an identifier – this is your RMS membership number.

NOTE: Some people have tried giving their membership numbers to others; if they use these to sign in to the PeerWise course, you will not have access as it only allows one user per account!

RMS Peerwise Instructions