The Royal Medical Society Travel and Study Fund is supported by the RMS Trust to provide grants to members for educational activities both overseas and in the UK.

Application Process

The Travel and Study Committee meets twice per session to consider applications from members. It is a competitive process. Following on-line submission, applications are reviewed and short-listed applicants are then invited for interview.

Attendance at interview is essential. Dates of interviews are made available in advance of the application deadline. Interviewed applicants will be informed by email of the Committee’s decision within 5 working days of the meeting.

As of 1st September 2009, members are permitted to receive a maximum of two awards from the Travel and Study Fund. Members may wish to take this into consideration when applying for projects during the early years of medical school. Members who have received previous awards prior to 1st September 2009 are permitted to receive one further award. There is no limit to the number of applications which may be made by unsuccessful applicants.

In exceptional circumstances, members may be considered if they fall outwith the application deadlines or if applying for a third/subsequent award. If you wish to be considered in this category, you need to write to the chairperson of the Committee with a full project outline and a statement in support of your application explaining why you merit special consideration. This can be organised by contacting the Permanent Secretaries.

Criteria for Application

The committee consider applications using a number of criteria:

Commitment to the Society The Project The Interview
Essential Fully-paid membership for the session of application and previous attendance at at least 5 business meetings (talks during any year of study count towards this) Medically orientated Attendance at interview
Desirable Further contribution to the Society e.g. teaching at tutorials, council membership, supporting events Independent organisation by applicant Appropriate presentation of self and project at interview


Following completion of the project, successful applicants have 8 weeks to submit their written report of their project. Submission is mandatory and failure to do so may require repayment of the award to the Society. See previous reports here.

We also ask that all successful applicants share their elective experiences at our electives talks evening in Semester 2 (April) if they are in Edinburgh at the time.

Application Dates 2020

Please find below the information regarding dates for application deadlines and interviews.

Dates for final year electives:

  • Deadline for submission of proposal – Sunday 12th January 2020 at 9pm
  • Interviews will take place during the week beginning the 21st January 2020

Dates for all other medical summer projects:

  • Deadline for submission of proposal – Sunday 15th March 2020 at 9pm
  • Interviews will take place during the week beginning the 23th March 2020

YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 5 ATTENDANCES AT TALKS TO APPLY – email us if you are unsure whether you meet this criterion


The Jasjot Singhota Award

Friends of Dr Jasjot Singhota, a previous member of the RMS Council, offer an award of £500 in her memory.

“The Jasjot Singhota Award is an elective scholarship for medical students from the University of Edinburgh with interests in anaesthetics, pre-hospital care or intensive care medicine. The award is in memory of Jasjot, an alumna of the University of Edinburgh and of the Royal Medical Society, who was training in anaesthetics and had a real passion for her work and helping others.

She was a vivacious, enthusiastic and joyful person who loved to travel and truly lived her life to the full. The aim of this Award is to assist students with similar interests to Jasjot to maximise their elective experience.”

Members can apply for both Travel and Study and the Jasjot Singhota Award via the link above.

Travel and Study Committee for the 282nd session (2019/2020)

The Travel and Study Committee consists of three members:

  • The Chair who typically serves a three-year term and is a former President of the Society
  • A council member of the current session (generally the Senior President)
  • A representative of the ordinary membership