Membership types

The RMS has three types of membership for students studying the MBChB programme. Membership over five or more years grants Life Membership to that student.

1. Full Membership (6 years) £110
2. Three Years £70
3. One Year £50

Please note that all memberships are also subject to an additional £5 deposit. This is to ensure that members return their key-cards that grant access to the RMS building. Your deposit will be refunded upon the return of your key-card.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to the RMS building including the library, computers and printers
  • RMS exam tutorials and clinical skills sessions
  • Discounts on various RMS socials and events (such as the Presidents’ Dinner)
  • Access to our MCQs and practice exam questions
  • A chance to apply for travel and study funding
  • Great networking opportunities
  • The opportunity to stand for Council positions
  • Access to the RMS Clinical Skills room
  • Being part of an historic and royal-chartered society

The RMS hosts fortnightly meetings with guest speakers from Edinburgh and around the country.

A few of the sessions that the RMS hosts are for members only, particularly the clinical skills sessions and revision tutorials, run by experienced members of the Society.

Members who have signed attendance at five meetings are eligible to be elected to the RMS Council at the AGM that occurs in April each year.

How to join

You can purchase membership online and pay using Paypal or, alternatively, you can purchase membership at the RMS office in Potterrow. If you join online, please visit the RMS office to collect your membership card and your keycard.

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The Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh (RMS) reserves the right to revoke the membership of an individual at any time if it is determined that a member has violated a term or condition of our behaviour policy.